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Digital Warehouses: Global Access Aspirations

Abdullah Al Shamsi, CEO and founder of “Digital Warehouses” based in Sharjah, presented his company’s expansion plans. The company is a pioneering digital platform specializing in e-commerce and logistics.

In an interview with “Enta Arabi” on the sidelines of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024, Al Shamsi stated that the company aims to reach global markets, especially as they are working to adapt e-commerce to a new concept that is more convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises and home workers.

Al Shamsi explained that his company provides services to small and medium-sized enterprises by building e-commerce websites for them, storing their goods, and delivering them to customers in various regions, whether in the UAE, the Gulf region, the Middle East, or globally.

He pointed out that there is coordination with several local, Arab, Gulf, regional, and international partners in the delivery operations once the company registers its orders on its website, with “Digital Warehouses” handling storage and delivery through its partners.

Al Shamsi mentioned that the UAE has successfully supported “Digital Warehouses” from the beginning through Emirati banks and pioneering institutions incubating startups, enabling them to launch and start operating.

He added that “Digital Warehouses” is studying the possibility of leveraging the expertise of partners who believe in ideas for developing e-commerce logistics, which his company applies. Thus, they will not delay in obtaining financial and technical support.

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