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Exclusive Interview with the Sparkhaze Team: A Revolution in the Hospitality Sector with Their New Device, Boho

In an exclusive interview with “You’re Arab”, Sparkhaze announced its $50,000 award win in the tourism sector, thanks to its innovative device “Boho”, a smart voice assistant specially designed for hotel rooms. This device enables hotel guests to request multiple services with just voice commands or a touch, such as requesting an extra blanket, ordering pizza, or even controlling the room’s automatic systems without getting out of bed, especially on cold nights.

When asked about the differences between “Boho” and other devices like Alexa and Google Home, Sparkhaze pointed out that the latter are primarily intended for personal use and their capabilities are limited to internet searches and controlling some aspects of home automation using special adapters. In contrast, “Boho” is specifically designed for hotels, targeting the entire hospitality system including room automation, front desk software, room service, and even integration with local tourism services such as taxi services and direct purchasing of tickets for tourist attractions from the device. This means guests can book a taxi or buy tickets to places like Burj Khalifa or the museums in Dubai and Sharjah, in cooperation with local tourism authorities, ensuring access to genuine tickets and protecting tourists from fraud.

Notably, “Boho” does not just offer technical services to guests but acts as a data hub providing valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviors to hotels and tourism authorities. This data allows hotels and partners to improve and customize services based on actual demand and expressed preferences, enhancing the visitor experience and supporting the local economy.

The Sparkhaze team is distributed across several countries around the world, including India, New Zealand, California, and Singapore, and includes a specialized hardware unit in China. The device was designed in collaboration with a team of former Apple designers and in partnership with “Harman JBL”, ensuring a high-quality, exceptional auditory experience that meets the high standards of luxury hotels. “Boho” is not just a speaker; it is a multifunctional device that combines features of a phone, alarm clock, room automation control unit, and other valuable services that enhance the hospitality experience.

Following its award win, Sparkhaze plans to invest the funds in expanding its operations and enhancing its technical capabilities. The company emphasizes its commitment to working alongside government authorities and tourism bodies to ensure its technologies are effectively implemented in hotels, facilitating the use of this new technology. Sparkhaze intends to work with authorities to explore ways to facilitate the adoption of this technology to serve the tourism and hospitality sector in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

The partnership with “Harman JBL” ensures that Sparkhaze provides excellent sound quality within rooms, enhancing the guest stay experience. “Boho” is fully customizable according to each hotel’s needs, offering flexibility in use and adaptation to different hotel requirements.

After winning awards from global tourism bodies such as Singapore Tourism, Saudi Arabia, and the World Tourism Organization, Sparkhaze confirms its success in proving the effectiveness and feasibility of its product in the global market. With these awards and support, the company aims to bolster its position as a leader in technological innovation in the hospitality sector, offering advanced tech solutions that meet hotel needs and significantly improve guest experiences.

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