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Exclusive Interview with Waste Lab: A Startup Turning Food Waste into Compost

During the Sharjah Business Management Festival, an interview was conducted with Lara and Jilan, the founders of “Waste Lab,” an emerging project working in the field of sustainable food waste management. The project won a prize of $50,000 in recognition of its positive impact on sustainability and waste management.

Lara and Jilan introduced themselves as the founders of “Waste Lab,” a project established about three years ago in Dubai. It tackles the problem of food waste by converting it into natural compost used in agriculture, in collaboration with governments, companies, and local communities. Lara emphasized the project’s role in achieving environmental sustainability by preventing food waste from reaching landfills and using it in a way that benefits both the environment and the community.

After winning the award, Lara and Jilan plan to expand “Waste Lab’s” operations by increasing resources and expanding the team to meet the growing demand from customers who want to join their journey towards sustainable food waste management.

“Waste Lab’s” business model is based on contracts with clients, such as hotels, where clients pay a monthly fee that varies based on the amount of food waste produced and other factors. Additionally, the project organizes educational workshops for schools, universities, and companies and plans to focus this year on selling compost to farmers, agricultural companies, and landscaping as an additional source of income.

Lara and Jilan expressed their ambition to expand “Waste Lab’s” operations beyond the United Arab Emirates, focusing mainly on the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and other regions such as Canada, Georgia, and the Netherlands, based on the interest they have received from these areas.

At the end of the interview, Lara and Jilan thanked everyone for the support and appreciation “Waste Lab” has received, reaffirming their commitment to continue working towards sustainability goals and sustainable, effective waste management.

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