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Exclusive Interview with Rumal: Pioneering the Internet of Things Domain

During the events of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, we had the exclusive opportunity to interview Khalid Al-Owaisi, the ambitious founder of Rumal, a leading company in the field of the Internet of Things. Rumal specializes in designing and developing smart products that teach students from various disciplines—whether they are programmers, engineers, researchers, or even enthusiasts—how to program and develop their own devices for projects like smart home automation, lighting control, smart agriculture, and even communication with spacecraft.

Al-Owaisi points out that universities, schools, and industrial companies form the main base of their clients, where these entities contact Rumal requesting specific products to perform certain tasks. In response, Rumal meets these needs by designing and developing new chips that fit the required objectives.

Supported by Sheraa, Rumal sets ambitious goals for the future. One of these goals is to expand the team and own a factory to produce their products from scratch. Although the current focus is on the United Arab Emirates, the company plans to expand further in the region in the future.

This interview with Khalid Al-Owaisi serves as an inspiring model for Arab youth interested in entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of technology, especially the Internet of Things.

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