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Harry Ai aims to expand its services in the Gulf, European and American countries

Harry Ai, a digital solutions company utilizing artificial intelligence, is aiming to expand its services to the Gulf region, Europe, and America.

Simo Aalami, the future CEO of Harry Ai, unveiled the company’s plans for expansion.

Founded two years ago in Sharjah, the company intends to extend its digital services to businesses across the Arab and Gulf regions before venturing into European and American markets.

In an exclusive interview with “Enta Arabi” on the sidelines of his participation in the 2024 Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, Aalami stated that Harry Ai provides digital solution services to companies such as Al-Futtaim, Sheraa Entrepreneurship Center, and Sanofi.

These services include digital marketing, content writing, translation, and social media presence through AI-driven techniques.

Aalami emphasized that the services offered by Harry Ai to client companies require a follow-up period of one to two weeks, followed by the execution of the required plans within three weeks of collaboration. This ensures the implementation of all agreed-upon products to assist in the development of the client’s company through AI technologies.

He further explained that the company has previously participated in important international and regional events related to artificial intelligence in Portugal, the UAE, and Las Vegas, USA.

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