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Egyptian Company “Tip Happiness” Explores Establishing a New Entity in the UAE

Hadeer Sleiman, the founder and CEO of Tip Happiness, an Egyptian platform specializing in unconventional gift-making, content creation, and mental health, revealed plans to establish a company in the United Arab Emirates during the current period.

Sleiman stated in an exclusive interview with “Enta Arabi” on the sidelines of her participation in the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024 that her company was established six years ago and operates in the UAE, providing services through a mobile application that offers mental health support tips to customers in Arabic. The company developed a product called “Happiness Jar,” with 300,000 jars sold during previous periods.

She explained that the product aimed to provide more tips and messages on the mobile application to support mental health by offering more cheerful short messages that bring happiness to people.

She added that the company provides support services for women, especially breadwinning women, by providing part-time work-from-home opportunities through consultations and expertise, in addition to souvenir gifts, including New Year’s agendas and other occasion gifts.

Sleiman noted that Tip Happiness succeeded in increasing the number of subscribers to its application, which was downloaded 15,000 times without advertising, prompting the company to produce 50 new products of tips in various fields, including tips on how to deal with work, home, and personal relationships.

She mentioned that the company is currently considering developing its application to enable users to journal on the same application.

Sleiman stated that the company is currently exploring the establishment of a branch in the UAE and seeking a financing partner.

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