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Exclusive Interview: Ranim Elskaff Revolutionizes Real Estate Investments with Artificial Intelligence through Prop-AI

How Prop-AI Platform Transforms the Real Estate Investment Landscape with Artificial Intelligence Technologies and a Visionary Outlook

In a special interview for “entarbi” during the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, Ranim Elskaff, the co-founder and CEO of Prop-AI—a leading platform using artificial intelligence to transform the way individuals invest in real estate—presented a clear and ambitious vision for the future of real estate investments worldwide.

Ranim, who boasts extensive experience in consulting and was part of the McKinsey team for seven years, emphasized the importance of innovation in the real estate sector. After completing her MBA at Harvard Business School and venturing into private equity for a while, she and her co-founder at Prop-AI decided to realize their vision of making real estate investment more accessible and transparent.

Prop-AI, as Ranim explained, is an advanced technological platform that assists real estate investors in finding the right investments that match their preferences by using artificial intelligence to scan the entire market. The platform filters categorizes, evaluates, and then presents the listings to investors, saving them hundreds of hours of research and reducing reliance on real estate brokers, who may be biased and not prioritize the buyers’ interests.

After a year and a half of hard work, Prop-AI was launched in Dubai and plans to expand its coverage to the rest of the United Arab Emirates and then to Saudi Arabia and Europe. So far, the company has managed to raise half a million dollars in preliminary investment and is seeking to expand its operations geographically and product-wise, including developing products aimed at businesses serving real estate developers, agents, agencies, and wealth management.

In continuous expansion, Prop-AI plans to develop a new business-oriented (B2B) product. This new direction aims to offer its innovative services to a wide range of real estate professionals, including developers, brokers, real estate agencies, and wealth management firms.

This approach not only enhances Prop-AI’s position as a leader in real estate technology but also underscores its unique value in a competitive market. Despite the presence of other real estate platforms, Prop-AI does not directly compete with them; instead, it analyzes their data and understands market dynamics to serve its clients better.

What sets Prop-AI apart from others is its intense focus on the investor and the client. “We represent the buyer, we represent the client, and this is our top priority,” says Ranim Elskaff.

Ranim added, “The second factor that distinguishes Prop-AI is its intensive use of artificial intelligence. The company analyzes millions of data points and evaluates hundreds of factors to provide thoughtful and reliable recommendations. This comprehensive approach ensures that investors receive the most accurate and personalized advice to enhance their investment decisions.

With its future expansion into new markets and products, Prop-AI promises to change the game of real estate investment, providing investors with tools and information previously unavailable.

Ranim and her team at Prop-AI are working hard to deliver unique value in the real estate market, focusing particularly on the interests of investors and using artificial intelligence to analyze millions of data points and provide well-considered recommendations.

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