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Mezmars AI Platform Offers AI-Powered Customer Service

Waleed Wadessa, founder of Mezmars AI, participated in the AiSalon event organized by Startups Without Borders, where he discussed the potential of Mezmars platform to revolutionize customer service.

Mezmars offers an innovative platform that provides AI-powered voice assistants designed to automate sales tasks, customer support, and data collection through human-like phone calls.

The Mezmars platform stands out for its ability to create an effective sales representative or customer service agent in just 10 minutes. This smart agent can receive calls, communicate with customers, and answer their questions efficiently.

Mezmars is a Sudanese company operating in both the United States and Estonia. The company is currently funded by its founders, who are striving to build the company entirely through private funding.

In an interview with entArabi, Wadessa noted that Mezmars began its operations only one month ago and has already secured its first client in the United States. This client is a group of clinics looking to fully replace their customer service with AI-powered voice assistants from Mezmars.

Mezmars represents a pioneering model in the field of artificial intelligence, offering innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of customer service, reduce costs, and improve the overall customer experience.

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