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Spade Wealth LTD: An Active Participant in Supporting Startups

Spade Wealth LTD has emerged as a leading consulting firm in supporting startups. The company was represented by Dr. Kirellos Refaat, the CEO, in an interview with entArabi.

Comprehensive Services for Startups

Spade Wealth LTD offers a wide range of consulting services to startups at various stages of growth. These services include:

  • Business Plan Development: Assisting startups in creating comprehensive and actionable business plans that help achieve their goals.
  • Attracting Investment: Connecting startups with suitable investors and supporting them in the process of securing funding.
  • International Expansion: Helping startups expand into new markets and providing the necessary consulting for their international operations.
  • Business Liquidation: Offering consultancy for companies looking to liquidate or restructure their operations.

Based in Dubai since 2020, Spade Wealth LTD has managed to expand its operations from this global hub to other markets such as England, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Participation in the “Startups Without Borders” Summit

Spade Wealth LTD’s participation in the “Startups Without Borders” summit marks a significant step in its efforts to connect with startups in the region and offer its diverse services.

Dr. Refaat emphasized the importance of being present at such events, as they provide an opportunity to network with entrepreneurs, investors, and startups from around the world.

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