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Safe Egypt: Leading in Psychological and Social Protection Among Startups

At the “Startups Without Borders” summit, Safe Egypt emerged as a standout among startups, offering psychological and social services aimed at protecting individuals from all forms of violence. Founded in Cairo in 2013 by Sarah Aziz, Safe Egypt has been dedicated to empowering the community to stand against abuse and promote gender equality since its inception.

In an interview with entArabi, Marina Sameeh, a trainer at Safe Egypt, discussed the significance of participating in the “Startups Without Borders” summit. Marina highlighted that this event provides a crucial opportunity for the company to connect with other organizations and startups, exchanging expertise and insights on best practices in the field of violence prevention.

Safe Egypt strives to achieve two main objectives: prevention and intervention. The preventive aspect is embodied in educational workshops that cover vital topics such as self-awareness, sexual violence, gender-based violence, and bullying. These workshops aim to raise awareness and equip individuals with the necessary tools to effectively address these issues.

On the intervention front, Safe Egypt focuses on providing individual and group psychological and social counseling sessions. These sessions are designed to help individuals cope with the trauma and psychological stress resulting from violence, offering the necessary support for their recovery and healthy reintegration into society.

The workshops organized by Safe Egypt play a pivotal role in enhancing community awareness about issues of violence and abuse. By creating an interactive learning environment, these workshops enable participants to understand the risks and how to prevent them, while also boosting their confidence in their ability to tackle these problems.

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