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How Does LRNOVA Improve Education Using AI?

Mohamed Amer, founder of LRNOVA, participated in the AiSalon event organized by Startups Without Borders to provide a detailed explanation of the platform and how it operates. In an interview with entArabi, Amer explained that LRNOVA is an Egyptian startup specializing in artificial intelligence, offering innovative solutions to make education more accessible and effective. The platform utilizes generative AI technology to design high-quality educational materials tailored to each student’s needs.

Users input the content of the course or topic they wish to learn, along with specific details. The platform then processes this information and generates rich educational content, including texts and video graphics. LRNOVA also delivers content in multiple formats to accommodate user preferences, such as videos, text files, and summaries.

Mohamed Amer emphasized that LRNOVA’s participation in AiSalon aimed to explore the latest AI technologies in education and expand its network with other startups. His participation underscored the importance of innovation in using artificial intelligence for education. By providing a detailed explanation of LRNOVA’s platform and its operation, Amer offered new insights into how to facilitate learning processes and make them more effective for everyone.

LRNOVA aims to reach one million users by the end of next year, solidifying its position as a leader in smart education. With advancing technology and increasing interest in innovative education, LRNOVA remains at the forefront of companies striving to bring about positive and sustainable change in the field of education.

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