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Startups Without Borders Launches AiSalon Initiative for the First Time in Cairo

The initiative aims to connect AI entrepreneurs

In an interview with entArabi, Nader Aljorf, Programs Manager at Startups Without Borders, discusses the AiSalon initiative recently launched by the organization in Cairo. The initiative aims to raise awareness about artificial intelligence and bring together those interested in the field from around the world, including entrepreneurs, investors, AI professionals, and companies working in this sector.

Startups Without Borders is responsible for managing AiSalon in Cairo, marking the first time this initiative is being held in Egypt. AiSalon aims to support and gather AI enthusiasts in Egypt to share their expertise and experiences with one another.

Nader Aljorf and his team plan to organize AiSalon as a monthly event until the end of the year in Cairo. The events will feature educational content and workshops in the field of artificial intelligence to enhance participants’ skills and expand their knowledge in this area. Additionally, the events will include AiSalon Demos, where AI startups can showcase their projects and discuss the technical challenges they face. The goal is to exchange experiences among participants and find innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.

Nader Aljorf emphasizes that the primary goal of the AiSalon initiative is to connect all AI professionals in Egypt. They aim to expand the initiative in the long term to connect AI entrepreneurs worldwide and create a global community for knowledge and experience sharing in this evolving field.

AiSalon is an important initiative that helps spread awareness about artificial intelligence and promotes collaboration among entrepreneurs in this field. It offers participants an ideal opportunity to expand their networks, acquire new skills, and stay updated on the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

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