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Darwinz AI Expands Its Presence in the Field of AI

Darwinz AI, a pioneering Egyptian startup in the field of artificial intelligence, participated in the AiSalon event organized by Startups Without Borders. In an interview with entArabi, the company’s founder, Mohy Aboualam, discussed Darwinz AI’s journey, achievements, and future plans.

Darwinz AI offers innovative intelligent solutions for businesses, starting with the Dida application dedicated to restaurants and pharmacies. Dida provides advanced data analytics to enable business owners to make strategic decisions and improve their store performance.

Darwinz AI is on the verge of launching a new product related to the media sector and understanding corporate identity. This product will help companies better understand their customer behaviors and develop more effective marketing strategies.

Darwinz AI collaborates with numerous companies to integrate AI solutions into their operations. These partnerships help spread the benefits of AI widely and stimulate digital transformation across various sectors.

Darwinz AI, originally launched in Cairo, has expanded to more than 15 Egyptian governorates. Its achievements also extend to five Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the UAE, Jordan, and Spain.

Darwinz AI aims to continue its expansion in Egypt by forming new partnerships. The company also plans to open a regional office outside of Egypt by the end of this year.

Darwinz AI started with a team of only two people, but it has grown significantly to include more than 15 employees. This rapid growth reflects the tremendous success the company has achieved in the field of artificial intelligence.

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