CLUSTERLAB Secures $600,000 Pre-seed Funding

ClusterLab, the brains behind the Arabic audiobook summarization app Reedz, has successfully secured $600,000 in pre-seed funding. This investment round is backed by notable investors, including Karim Beguir, early supporters of InstaDeep, and regional angel investors, showcasing strong confidence in Clusterlab’s vision and potential.

Originating from Tunisia and headquartered in the UAE, ClusterLab is at the forefront of developing artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Their expertise is evidenced by their collaboration with InstaDeep on a national AI initiative for Tunisia’s Ministry of Higher Education and their selection in the prestigious Nvidia Inception Program for AI startups. This commitment to collaboration underscores Clusterlab’s dedication to leveraging AI for societal and educational advancement.

Haithem Kchaou, Co-Founder and CEO of ClusterLab, comments on their technological prowess, stating, “Our expertise in technology transcends the current wave of large language models. We’ve been pioneers in utilizing NLP to revolutionize content summarization long before it became mainstream.”

Chehir Dhaouadi, CTO and Co-Founder, shares his excitement for the future, saying, “The upcoming months hold tremendous potential. We’re eager to showcase the depth of our technological advancements, particularly through the widespread deployment of our AI solutions.”

The infusion of funding will drive Clusterlab’s research and development endeavors, with a focus on advancing their next-generation large language models (LLMs). These advanced language models will further enhance Clusterlab’s NLP capabilities, enabling them to refine user experiences within their AI-powered products like Reedz and Elm. This signifies a significant milestone in Clusterlab’s mission: to transform how Arabic content is created and consumed by harnessing the power of these models to make it more accessible and engaging for users worldwide.

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