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Launching of “Wasalny” Platform: Egypt’s First Integrated Transportation Platform

Egyptian startup “Wasalny” recently participated in the “Startups Without Borders” summit, showcasing its innovative platform, the first of its kind in Egypt, as an integrated Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution.

In an interview with entArabi, Mohamed Sameh, co-founder of Wasalny, explained that the platform aims to consolidate all available transportation modes in Egypt, including taxis, trains, and buses, into one easy-to-use application.

Through the Wasalny app, users can compare prices and duration of trips among different transportation modes and easily book tickets without the need to use multiple apps.

Wasalny provides users with a comprehensive experience, including:

  • Comparing all transportation modes: Users can compare prices and trip durations among available transportation modes such as taxis, buses, and trains to choose the best option that suits their needs and budget.
  • Ticket purchasing: Users can purchase tickets for all transportation modes through an external link.
  • Expansion throughout Egypt: Wasalny services are currently available in all Egyptian governorates, with plans to expand into North Africa in the near future.

Mohamed Sameh notes that Wasalny has faced some challenges, notably the need to expand its user base. Therefore, Wasalny has turned to the Startups House incubator to obtain the necessary funding for promotional campaigns for the platform.

Wasalny aims to achieve several goals in the near future, including:

  • Increasing the user base: Wasalny aims to significantly increase the number of platform users by expanding its services and offering attractive offers and discounts to users.
  • Expansion into North Africa: Wasalny plans to expand its services to North African countries in the near future to fill the gap in integrated mobility services in this region.

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