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The Role of Sanam Ventures in Fostering Innovation and Startups through Deep Tech

Mohamed Saad, an aerospace engineer and co-founder of Sanam Ventures, shares his insights on the transformative role of artificial intelligence and deep technology in supporting innovation and startups. Sanam Ventures is a venture studio specializing in deep tech, including AI, machine learning, biotechnology, robotics, and more.

Establishing Sanam Ventures

Sanam Ventures was founded in late 2022 and made its first investment in 2023 in an Egyptian education startup called Labtronics. Labtronics focuses on developing and manufacturing applied laboratories for technical colleges, institutes, and schools in Egypt. During its operational period, the company has achieved rapid growth, entering strategic partnerships with major entities such as El Sewedy Group and the Ministry of Education.

Focus on Deep Technology

Mohamed emphasizes that Sanam Ventures concentrates on sectors involving deep technology, particularly in hardware and applied laboratories. The team aims to harness young minds and new capabilities to drive advancements and innovations in these fields. For instance, Labtronics is working on making educational labs smart, enabling personalized experiences for students and clients.

Strategic Partnerships

Sanam Ventures collaborates with numerous startups and institutions to enhance the use of technology across various sectors. For example, Evica, a company providing new solutions in robotics and automation, partners with major players in the energy sector, such as Taqa Arabia and ACWA Power. Evica has successfully expanded its presence in the Egyptian market, becoming one of the leading companies in renewable energy management.

Future Expansion Plans

Sanam Ventures plans to invest approximately one million dollars over the next year in five strategic sectors, including energy, agriculture, and education. Mohamed believes these three markets offer significant opportunities and face many challenges, making them ideal areas for investing in solutions that can create a better future for people in the region.

Focus on the Egyptian Market

Sanam Ventures intends to focus primarily on the Egyptian market during 2024 and 2025, recognizing the substantial opportunities and challenges that warrant investment. The company is currently working with sovereign funds like the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) and plans to continue expanding its partnerships and investments in the future.

Mohamed Saad concludes by emphasizing the importance of innovation and technology in achieving progress and growth. By investing in deep technology and forming strategic partnerships, Sanam Ventures aims to support startups and help address significant challenges facing the region and the world.

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