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Startups without Borders Kicks off in Cairo with the Participation of 5000 Experts and Entrepreneurs

Today marked the first day of the fifth edition of the “Startups without Borders” in Cairo, under the theme “Beyond Boundaries, Building Global Horizons,” with the participation of 5000 investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders from the startup sector worldwide.

The Startups without Borders” serves as a vital platform for entrepreneurs from around the globe to connect, exchange experiences, and acquire the necessary knowledge to build successful globally scalable businesses.

The first day of the summit witnessed a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions and dialogues on the challenges and opportunities facing startups in various sectors, practical workshops on attracting investment and business development, pitch presentations by promising startups from around the world, and one-on-one meetings between entrepreneurs and investors.

Among the prominent speakers at the “Boundless Startups Summit” was Wael El-Torabi, founder of the Qawam educational platform, who shared his practical experience in establishing startups and the global experiences gained from working in diverse regional and international environments.

Nader El Garf, Program Director at the “Boundless Startups Summit,” stated, “This summit provides us with numerous opportunities to communicate and collaborate regardless of our race or nationality, whether we are investors, entrepreneurs, or partners.

” He added, “Through this summit, we affirm our unity in our passion for entrepreneurship and development, celebrating diversity to emphasize that talent and dreams have no nationality.”

One of the discussion sessions was titled “The Next Frontiers of Open Innovation: How Large Companies and Startups Build New Horizons” for open innovation.

The session featured Omar El Sahy, General Manager of Amazon Egypt, Walid Ramadan, Government Relations Officer at Influence Public Affairs (IPA), and Ahmed Eid, Investment Associate at Tech Stars.

The speakers provided advice to startups on facing challenges, enhancing innovation ecosystems, and collaboration. They emphasized the importance of integrating technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence in business to increase efficiency and create new job opportunities.

The speakers expressed confidence that cooperation between large companies and startups is necessary to create a more innovative and prosperous future, highlighting the need to support startups by providing resources, funding, and guidance.

Experts in the real estate and technology sectors also discussed the role of startups in developing real estate technology and smart cities during a panel discussion titled “Best Technologies in Smart Cities: The Future Boundaries Between Startups and Real Estate Sector.

” The session was attended by Mohamed El Haddad, Chairman and CEO of MODAD Group, Mohamed El Roweny, Head of Digital Solutions Sector at Etisalat Misr, and Ziyad Aladdin, Head of Marketing and Brands Sector at Paragon Real Estate Development Company.

The speakers emphasized the importance of technology and startups in meeting the needs of the real estate market, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation in this sector. They noted that progress in smart cities and the development of real estate technology in Egypt open up new opportunities for startups to play a significant role in the real estate sector’s development.

The first day of the fifth edition also witnessed the launch of an Artificial Intelligence Salon, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The salon aims to provide a platform for startups to learn about the latest AI technologies and how to leverage them to develop their businesses.

It is worth noting that the fifth edition of the “Boundless Startups Summit” is sponsored by prominent sponsors such as Qewam and Odoo.

Additionally, “Startups without Borders” will organize the “We Make Future” competition for startups, where the winning company will present at the global finals in Bologna, Italy.

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