UiPath plans to establish the first automation school in Saudi Arabia

UiPath, a leading provider of robotic process automation software based in New York, has announced a major expansion in Saudi Arabia aimed at bolstering the kingdom’s workforce and advancing its digital transformation efforts.

During the LEAP 2024 technology conference, UiPath revealed plans to establish the first-ever Saudi School of Automation in collaboration with the Saudi Digital Academy, alongside the inauguration of a new office in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District.

This strategic move follows a mandate from the Saudi Arabian government requiring companies to establish regional headquarters within the kingdom to qualify for government contracts.

The Saudi School of Automation, a joint initiative between UiPath and the Saudi Digital Academy, seeks to accelerate the development of the kingdom’s workforce by providing specialized training in AI and automation. The three-month intensive program, specifically tailored by UiPath, aims to equip young Saudi professionals with the skills needed to excel as automation developers.

Successful participants will receive a professional certificate, marking their entry into the digital economy.

UiPath has committed to ensuring that 90% of its hires at the new Riyadh office are Saudi Arabian nationals, thereby directly contributing to the local talent pool.

UiPath’s CEO, Rob Enslin, emphasized the transformative potential of AI and automation, highlighting the company’s mission to accelerate human achievement by developing tools that expand possibilities and facilitate greater accomplishments in workplaces worldwide.

At LEAP, UiPath showcased its latest AI advancements, including Document Understanding, Clipboard AI, and UiPath Autopilot, demonstrating its ability to automate repetitive office tasks.

By establishing a physical presence in Saudi Arabia and partnering with local cloud entities, UiPath aims to play a pivotal role in the kingdom’s ambitious digital transformation agenda.

UiPath’s investment in Saudi Arabia aligns with its broader strategy to invest in technology and talent within the kingdom.

The establishment of the Saudi School of Automation underscores UiPath’s commitment to cultivating a highly skilled workforce capable of driving Saudi Arabia towards its digital future.

Ibrahem AlNasser, Deputy Minister for Future Jobs and Capabilities at the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, expressed pride in the partnership, highlighting the academy’s role in nurturing a pipeline of skilled individuals ready to contribute to the kingdom’s success.

UiPath’s expansion in Saudi Arabia represents a significant milestone in the kingdom’s journey towards becoming a leading digital economy.

By investing in the local workforce and establishing a new office in Riyadh, UiPath not only supports the Saudi Vision 2030 but also sets an example for international tech companies seeking to invest in the region.

As Saudi Arabia embraces digital transformation, partnerships like these play a crucial role in equipping the kingdom with the tools and talent needed to thrive in the digital age.

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