The King Salman International Complex launches the Siwar platform for linguistic dictionaries

The King Salman World Arabic Language Complex has announced, during its participation in the Leap Conference, the launch of the “Suwar” platform for linguistic dictionaries.

This platform is dedicated to publishing, authoring, and managing dictionaries according to the latest scientific methodologies in the field of Arabic lexicography.

Its aim is to enable users to conduct advanced searches in Arabic dictionaries and assist dictionary makers in the processes of authoring, publishing, and management using artificial intelligence techniques.

The features provided by the “Suwar” platform include leveraging artificial intelligence to facilitate and accelerate the process of dictionary authoring.

Additionally, it offers advanced search services and full control over the workflow of dictionary authoring operations. The platform also provides diverse reports and statistics for dictionary users and allows for enriching dictionaries with new proposals from users.

The “Suwar” platform allows access to a wide range of linguistic dictionaries and facilitates translation between different languages. Its interface is user-friendly and well-organized, making it useful for enhancing the lexical wealth of users.

The King Salman World Arabic Language Complex emphasizes the importance of supporting and developing the Arabic language, as well as providing the necessary tools for learning and teaching it.

It seeks to achieve this through its various initiatives that meet the needs of users in a way that fulfills the goals of the Human Capability Development Program.

It is worth noting that the “Suwar” platform represents an important step towards improving the linguistic environment and providing the necessary tools to support research and learning in the field of the Arabic language.

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