A bold investment

STC Group Launches “Tali Ventures” Fund to Support Innovation and Startups

STC Group has announced the launch of its venture capital arm, the “Tali Ventures” fund. This fund aims to bolster the group’s focus on growth and innovation by investing in startups aligned with its strategy, fostering value creation through the adoption of new and innovative technologies and business models.

Strategic investments in promising sectors

The fund has already begun investing in significant startups such as Nile, specializing in network equipment solutions, Rewaa platform for inventory management, and Nearpay platform for digital payment solutions. These investments reflect STC Group’s commitment to driving digital transformation through strategic investments in sectors contributing to growth.

A notable achievement and steps towards the future

The launch of the “Tali Ventures” fund marks a significant milestone in STC Group’s successful journey. It reflects a direction towards investing in promising projects and technologies with substantial growth opportunities in the region and globally. It also underscores the group’s commitment to supporting this sector through collaboration with various global funds such as Sanabel and Prosperity7 in funding pioneering projects.

Focus on vital sectors

“Tali Ventures” fund invests in early and advanced stage startups, focusing on vital sectors such as artificial intelligence, financial technologies, information and communication technologies, cloud services, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and other digital sectors.

Continuing the journey of support and empowerment

The launch of this fund complements STC Group’s role and efforts in supporting entrepreneurs and digital projects. The group has previously launched numerous initiatives and investments such as the “inspireU” program, which hosted and supported over 100 startups. Additionally, STV and stc Ventures funds have invested in several successful projects regionally, contributing to national economic growth and diversity in line with STC’s “Dare” strategy.

STC Group continues to lead in digital transformation by supporting innovation and startups.

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