Revolutionizing Logistics Operations in Saudi Arabia: Mile Solutions Leap into Innovation

In an enlightening conversation during the LEAP conference, Shawar Javed, CEO of Mile Solutions, shared insights into the innovative strides his company is making in the logistics sector. Mile Solutions, a nascent yet rapidly emerging B2B SaaS platform, is carving its niche by offering unparalleled technological support to logistic operators in Saudi Arabia, aiming to revolutionize the way logistics operations are conducted.

Empowering Logistical Operations with Advanced Technology

At the heart of Mile Solutions is the mission to facilitate both field and back-office operations for logistics operators through a sophisticated tech stack. Traditional logistics operations often suffer from a lack of automation, leading to inefficiencies in order tracking, delivery management, and overall driver activity. Mile Solutions addresses these challenges head-on by enabling logistic operators to streamline their processes, significantly reducing operational costs. Their system allows for effective fuel management, optimized delivery routes, and faster delivery times, effectively bringing a new level of efficiency to the sector.

Tailored Solutions for the Saudi Market

Since its launch in Saudi Arabia in December, Mile Solutions has quickly gained traction among local logistic operators. With Jeddah and Riyadh as the initial focal points, the company has already secured several clients and is showing a promising outlook in these areas. The demand for a cohesive system to replace the disjointed use of Excel sheets and WhatsApp for logistics operations is evident. Mile Solutions aims to meet this demand by integrating all aspects of logistics operations into a single, efficient mobile app platform, thus eliminating the need for manual tracking and coordination.

Aiming at the Heart of Logistic Challenges

The logistic sector in Saudi Arabia, much like in other parts of the world, has long been plagued by inefficiencies stemming from the lack of automation and reliance on outdated systems for communication and management. By transitioning from these rudimentary tools to a streamlined, app-based system, Mile Solutions is not just offering a product but a complete transformation of how logistic operations are managed, promising significant savings in time and resources.

Looking Towards the Future: Investment and Expansion

As Mile Solutions positions itself as a leader in logistics technology in Saudi Arabia, the company is in the midst of a seed funding round, aiming to raise $1.5 million to fuel its growth and development. With a portion of the round already committed, the company is in talks with several promising investors, reflecting confidence in its potential to reshape the logistics industry.


Mile Solutions stands at the forefront of logistic innovation in Saudi Arabia, offering a beacon of hope for logistic operators burdened by outdated and inefficient systems. With a clear vision, a commitment to technological advancement, and a growing presence in the Saudi market, Mile Solutions is poised to become a pivotal player in the logistics sector, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and setting new standards for operational excellence. As the company progresses through its investment round, the future looks bright for Mile Solutions, its potential clients, and the broader logistics industry in the region.

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