Exclusive Interview from LEAP 24 with the CEO and Co-Founder of “LabLabee”

In an exclusive interview with entARABI at the LEAP 24 conference, Samir Tahraoui, the CEO and co-founder of LabLabee, stated that his company is a startup specialized in new technology fields such as 5G, IoT, and cybersecurity.

Tahraoui added that LabLabee is a B2B company, targeting institutions, companies, universities, and others to educate them about new technology.

He explained that the appropriate target customers for LabLabee are in Saudi Arabia, so the company started its operations in the Kingdom as its preferred market.

Tahraoui pointed out that the company targets three main sectors in Saudi Arabia:

  • Telecommunications operators like STC, Mobily, and Salam.
  • Platforms like Aramco, which are undergoing significant transformations through the adoption of 5G and IoT.
  • Universities, where the company works to help students gain skills and experience in new technology.

Finally, Tahraoui confirmed that LabLabee recently completed an investment round and is seeking new investors in the region.

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