Exclusive Interview from LEAP 24 with the Founder of “RemindMe”

In an exclusive interview with entARABI from the LEAP 24 conference, Sara Alyemni, the founder of the RemindMe app, revealed its features and purpose.

RemindMe is an intelligent application aimed at reminding patients to take their prescribed medications at the specified time.

How does the app work?

  • The doctor electronically writes the prescription.
  • The data is sent to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacist reviews the data and enters information about the time, quantity, and duration of the treatment.
  • The patient receives interactive notifications on their phone through the app.
  • The patient can initiate a consultation with the pharmacist through the live chat service.
  • The patient can add accompanying persons, such as a mother, father, or elderly, to monitor their adherence to the treatment.

Who benefits from RemindMe?

  • Patients: It helps them adhere to their medication regimen, improving treatment effectiveness and reducing the risk of complications.
  • Pharmacists: It facilitates tracking doctors’ orders and communication with patients.
  • Doctors: It enables them to better monitor patients’ adherence to treatment.
  • Medical communities: It enables them to provide better healthcare for patients.

Participation in the LEAP 24 conference:

This is not RemindMe’s first participation in the LEAP conference. The app has previously participated in the conference and witnessed significant interaction from attendees.

Sara Alyemni said, We saw the enthusiasm and the reaction that they need this application. This was an incentive for us to develop the application, and now we are on the App Store.

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