Exclusive Interview from LEAP 24 with the Project Manager of “Coach You”

Ahmad Ayasrah, Project Manager of the “Coach You” platform, revealed in an exclusive interview with entARABI at the LEAP 24 conference, the services and goals of the platform.

Coach You: A platform specialized in training and professional guidance

Ahmad Ayasrah stated that Coach You specializes in training and professional guidance for individuals and companies. The platform offers its services in more than 23 fields, including specialized areas such as marketing and sales, as well as behavioral guidance areas like leadership and communication.

Coach You’s participation in the LEAP 24 conference

Coach You participated in the LEAP conference with the support of “Taqadam“. The platform’s participation in the conference is part of its plans to expand in Saudi Arabia and introduce people to the services it offers.

Coach You is present in Saudi Arabia through two offices:

  • An office in “The Garage” with support from “Taqadam”.
  • Another office at King Abdullah University with support from “Taqadam”.

Target audience

Coach You targets companies with more than 100 employees who want to improve their employees’ efficiency. The platform also targets individuals interested in self-development in various fields.

How Coach You operates

Coach You acts as an intermediary between trainers and companies or individuals. The platform takes a commission on the sessions booked through its platform.

Coach You is a distinctive platform that offers specialized training and guidance services for individuals and companies. The platform aims to expand in Saudi Arabia by participating in conferences like LEAP 24 and opening new offices.

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