The Garage Plus Accelerator Graduates 16 Startups

The Garage Plus accelerator, in partnership with Google for Startups, celebrated the graduation of the second batch of participating startups in the program. The Garage Plus accelerator program offers a comprehensive experience for startups, aiding them in growth and expanding their operations within the Saudi market. This experience includes training in various aspects of business management, technical support, marketing, and access to partners.

Features of the Garage Plus Accelerator Program

  • Marketing: The program provides startups with an opportunity to participate in distinctive marketing campaigns targeting the Saudi market.
  • Technical Support: The program offers startups technical support from over 60 programmers and technology experts.
  • Partner Services: Startups receive support from local and global partners through the program, valued up to 500,000 Saudi riyals.
  • Training Program: The program offers startups a high-quality training program delivered by experts.

Criteria for selecting participating startups in the Garage Plus Accelerator Program

  • Having a registered company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (For foreign companies, the establishment of a Saudi commercial registration is required during the program period).
  • An existing tech project.
  • Offering innovative technological solutions that cater to the Saudi market.
  • Presence of a market for the product/service in Saudi Arabia with potential for project growth and development.
  • A stable and dedicated founding team committed to developing the project.
  • A project generating consistent revenue, customers, and profits.
  • Possession of necessary expertise within the team for product/service development.
  • Preferential use of advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Mandatory physical commitment of the founding team to the entire specified program duration.
  • Presence of at least two team members (besides the founders) throughout the program period.

The startups that graduated from the Garage Plus Accelerator Program expressed their satisfaction with the experience, affirming that it aided them in developing their businesses and expanding their presence in the Saudi market.

The Garage Plus Accelerator Graduates 16 Startups

16 Startups Graduate from Garage Plus Accelerator

First Company: Eventful

An app simplifying event planning and booking experiences for venues or services in an innovative and straightforward manner.

Second Company: askPepper

Mobile phone ordering and payment solutions with scanning, on-premise ordering and payment, social media and internet links for delivery and pickup services!

Third Company: YouCan

The one-stop solution for building your online store and expanding your business.

Fourth Company: Capifly

Provides rapid and non-dilutive capital for startups in the technology sector based on recurring annual revenue.

Fifth Company: Ivvest

Utilizes science and technology to enhance agricultural solutions indoors, focusing on cost-effectiveness, ease of scalability, and operation in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Sixth Company: Unipal

An online platform offering exclusive benefits for students using an innovative digital student ID card.

Seventh Company: Yalla RX

A data-driven company offering advanced analytical and marketing services for pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses in the Middle East.

Eighth Company: PrintHub

An excellent solution for packaging needs, catering to small, medium, and large companies.

Ninth Company: Exitval

A specialized platform for project evaluation and investment management using automation and artificial intelligence.

Tenth Company: As3a

A platform connecting employers with Saudis seeking flexible job opportunities; certified by the Ministry of Human Resources as an “MRN” platform and a strategic partner of the Ministry of Tourism.

Eleventh Company: Hydrojeen

A platform designing and building Internet of Things products to enhance consumer lifestyles.

Twelfth Company: 4UP

A fitness application aiding women in achieving fitness goals and developing healthy habits.

Thirteenth Company: diggipacks

Covering all areas in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, integrating with multiple delivery vendors.

Fourteenth Company: 3DX

A Saudi company providing innovative solutions and on-demand manufacturing services to create life-changing products in various sectors like medical, industrial, and educational fields.

Fifteenth Company: FanZ

An application for predicting football match outcomes.

Sixteenth Company: MBSHR

An intelligent electronic menu for ordering and marketing, enabling restaurants to increase sales and reduce operational costs.

It is expected that Garage Plus Accelerator, in partnership with Google for Startups, will continue supporting startups from around the world, aiding these companies in achieving their goals and expanding their presence in the Saudi market.

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