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Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit: Spotlighting Young Entrepreneurs

In an exclusive interview with Enta Arabi, a presenter at Forbes Middle East, she discussed the role of the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit in supporting young Arab entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Sally emphasized that the conference is a significant event that requires extensive preparations and months of continuous work to attract young entrepreneurs and audiences from across the region. The goal is to celebrate young individuals under 30 who possess immense potential, innovative ideas, and projects that are crucial not only for the region but for the entire world.

When asked about the choice of Egypt, specifically the city of El Gouna, as the venue for the conference, Sally explained that Egypt holds great importance for them at present. Egypt is home to a significant number of young individuals working on innovative projects, in need of support to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. She also praised the fantastic and dynamic atmosphere of El Gouna, with its positive energy filling the place.

Sally reiterated the significance of Forbes’ message to young entrepreneurs. She emphasized that Forbes created the “Under 30” list because young people can solve problems and offer unique perspectives. Forbes is dedicated to supporting these young individuals and providing a platform to share their ideas and projects with the world. She added that Forbes understands the power of youth and how they can change the world, which is an integral part of their mission.

Regarding Egypt’s role in fostering entrepreneurship, Sally commended El Gouna as an excellent example where they assist young entrepreneurs in executing their projects and provide the necessary support. She also highlighted Egypt as a vibrant country experiencing economic growth and actively seeking new opportunities to achieve remarkable accomplishments in the field of entrepreneurship.

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