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Thmanyah: A Journey Towards Renewing Identity and Shaping the Future of Arabic Content

In a world characterized by a multitude of content creators from every corner, Thmanyah Publishing and Distribution stands out as a beacon of innovation and renewal. Recently, Abdulrahman Abu Malih, the CEO of the company, announced a significant step in Thmanyah’s journey – the launch of a new identity in line with its future aspirations.

The New Identity

This year’s most significant achievement for Thmanyah has been the development of its visual identity. The Thmanyah logo, in both its Arabic and Latin versions, has been updated with the help of the renowned designer Wael Marqus. Known for his extensive expertise in font design, Marqus significantly contributed to giving the new logo a character that combines flexibility and authenticity. The calligrapher Zaki Al Hashemi also participated in this project, adding an extra dimension to the design.

Thmanyah: A Platform for Arabic Content

Thmanyah was established to be a platform offering authentic Arabic content in a world overflowing with foreign content. The company aims to build a technological ecosystem that competes with the world’s largest systems. Thmanyah faced a significant challenge in determining the source of its technical expertise but strategically decided to rely entirely on Arab talents, reflecting its commitment to supporting Arab skills. This decision led to the formation of a strong team of 20 specialists, working together to realize Thmanyah’s vision.

Publishing Means and Content Expansion

Thmanyah is more than just a publishing platform; it goes beyond to provide innovative tools for content creators. Currently, Thmanyah includes two main products: Thmanyah’s website and Thmanyah Radio. The website represents a unique solution for Arab writers looking for a platform that supports writing in Arabic, taking into account grammatical and linguistic issues through the integration of artificial intelligence technologies.

As for Thmanyah Radio, it redefines the concept of podcasts and audio programs, offering a rich and diverse experience that adapts to the needs and tastes of listeners. The podcast episodes are organized into different lists, allowing listeners to easily access the content they prefer.

Ambition and Future

Thmanyah carries a significant responsibility: to provide excellent Arabic tools and content that help enrich and develop Arabic content. This grand ambition demonstrates the company’s commitment to challenging reality and offering the best to the Arab audience. Thmanyah strives to be a beacon of creativity and innovation in the Arab world, continuously moving towards achieving this goal, step by step.

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