Exclusive Interview with Muhammad Gawish, Co-founder and CEO of “iSchool”

The Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit represents a unique opportunity to get to know future leaders and young pioneers who are making a difference in various fields. Among these pioneers, we conducted an exclusive interview with Muhammad Gawish, co-founder and CEO of ‘iSchool,’ a company that enables children aged 6 to 18 to learn programming. The platform offers lessons in artificial intelligence, data science, game development, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

In this exclusive interview, Muhammad Gawish talks about his experience at the Forbes summit and how it serves as a fantastic platform for engagement and discussion on issues related to educational technology and entrepreneurship. He provides insight into his personal journey and the journey of ‘iSchool‘ in the world of smart education.

Exclusive Interview with Muhammad Gawish, Co-founder and CEO of "iSchool"

Tips from Muhammad Gawish for Entrepreneurs:

Gawish emphasized the importance of challenges and difficulties he faced in entrepreneurship, especially in the tough circumstances and problems that any startup may encounter. In this context, he offered valuable advice to entrepreneurs, urging them not to seek funding in the initial stages but to enter the field, enhance their understanding of it, and train their team effectively. He also emphasized that customers are the main driving force for product success, and immersing oneself in their needs and expectations enhances business success.

Gawish also spoke about his start as an entrepreneur in university, where the idea of educating children in the Middle East came to him. He shared how this idea evolved into a massive project involving more than 600 team members.

In conclusion, Muhammad Gawish emphasized the importance of vision and continuity in entrepreneurship, noting that challenges are an integral part of the journey to success. He highlighted the necessity of continuing to innovate and learn from the difficulties entrepreneurs face on their journey in the world of entrepreneurship.

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