Exclusive Interview with Luma Fawaz, the CEO of “Oasis500”

In an exclusive interview with “EntArabi” at the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit in Gouna, Luma Fawaz, the CEO of Oasis500, discussed her mission to support young entrepreneurs in their early stages. She also shared insights on how she was ranked as one of the top 100 businesswomen in the Middle East at the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit.

Luma began by talking about Oasis500, based in Jordan, which focuses on investing in young entrepreneurs by providing funding ranging from $200,000 to $300,000 in exchange for equity in their companies. This support goes beyond financial assistance, extending to guidance and assistance in their growth.

Exclusive Interview with Luma Fawaz, the CEO of “Oasis 500”

Successes of Oasis500

Regarding the company’s achievements, Luma Fawaz highlighted their extensive experience in the field, with over 17,000 applications created since the company’s inception. This not only reflects the significant impact Oasis500 has made but also underscores its crucial role in supporting promising youth in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions.

As for expanding investment scope, Luma Fawaz confirmed the company’s focus on regional markets, expressing a desire to invest in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine, and Gulf countries in the next two years. This commitment to expansion reflects the company’s strategic vision and readiness to support promising projects across the region.

Luma Fawaz also emphasized that Oasis500 places a special focus on supporting women entrepreneurship, with nearly 35% of the fund dedicated to female entrepreneurs. This steadfast dedication reflects the company’s commitment to achieving balance in the field of entrepreneurship and supporting innovation by women.

In conclusion, Luma offered valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of sharing experiences and success stories. This commitment to continuous communication and participation demonstrates how each individual can play an effective role in building a community based on shared experiences. She stated, “Everyone should share their experience with others because if each person shares their true story with at least five others, we will benefit from each person’s experience and learn from it.”

Luma Fawaz expressed her happiness being in Egypt, stating, “I am happy to be in Egypt because it is the mother of the world, and this is my first time in Gouna.”

Ultimately, Luma Fawaz’s story serves as inspiration for young men and women aspiring to participate in the entrepreneurial world. With her bold vision and dedication to supporting young talent, Oasis500 points towards a promising and bright future in the business world in the region.

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