Exclusive Interview with Dr. Rascha Ragheb, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Rascha Ragheb, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy, she discussed the uniqueness and excellence that distinguishes the National Training Academy in the field of youth development and training in Egypt. Dr. Rascha Ragheb emphasized the importance that officials in Egypt place on training and qualification, especially concerning youth, as many government officials under the age of 35 hold high-ranking positions.

Highlighting the successes of graduates from the National Training Academy in administrative and governmental fields reflects the high quality of training programs available at the academy. Dr. Rascha pointed out that many young government leaders are graduates of the academy, where they were qualified to perform their roles efficiently and achieved tangible successes in their professional paths.

Regarding workforce export, Dr. Rascha Ragheb stressed the importance of qualified human resources that can adapt anywhere in the world, whether inside Egypt or abroad.

Dr. Rascha also shed light on successful projects implemented by academy graduates, such as the “Haya Karema”, “Ebda”, and “Intilaq” projects, demonstrating the positive impact the academy has on Egyptian society.

She discussed the transformative education approach adopted by the academy, where individuals undergo a comprehensive transformation journey to help them build a leadership-oriented and conscious personality.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Rascha Ragheb, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy

Dr. Rascha Ragheb: Women in the National Training Academy

Regarding the training of women, Dr. Rascha pointed out that since the establishment of the academy in 2017 and with the graduation of approximately 33,000 individuals, the gender distribution among the qualified shows that at least 47% of them are females. Recently, the Women’s Leadership School was launched, featuring diverse programs targeting women of all ages up to 50, at all managerial and professional levels, both inside Egypt and abroad. This program is considered the first of its kind targeting Egyptian women beyond the borders of the country. Additionally, there is another program aiming to empower women in local communities as effective contributors to society.

In conclusion, Dr. Rascha announced a forthcoming program that will begin next month, focusing on preparing women for leadership positions inside or outside Egypt, whether as board members, heads of organizations, or other roles. The program will last for a year, including an intensive training period, representing a sustainable investment in women.

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