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Thmanyah Transforms into a Media-Tech Powerhouse, Pioneering a New Era for Arabic Content on the Internet

Riyadh – The Middle East and North Africa’s pioneering Arabic podcast network and independent journalism platform, Thmanyah marks 2024 with the launch of a whole new technology-powered business, charting a course to revolutionize the landscape of online content creation. 

Thmanyah’s Award-winning platform is driven by a team of seasoned content creators with extensive experience producing widely acclaimed podcast shows like Funjan, Socrates, and Swalif Business, newsletters, and documentaries reaching hundreds of millions of viewers and listeners weekly. 

Thmanyah is building an ecosystem that enables creators to produce high-quality content that enriches the Arabic content on the internet. “Radio Thmanyah” is a mobile application that allows creators to host their podcast show, promote it to highly engaged podcast listeners, and access monetization opportunities. The application revisits the entire experience of podcast listening and sharing by introducing profiles and social interactions, while still allowing users to easily import their podcast libraries from existing platforms or search the catalog of their favorite international and regional podcasts.

Thmanyah’s ecosystem allows creators to enroll in the Thmanyah Ad Network, a platform designed to help creators monetize their content effectively. By bridging the gap between creators and advertisers, Thmanyah is dedicated to fostering a thriving community of content producers who can generate income from their passion.

Thmanyah (which translates to “eight” in Arabic) was founded in 2016, and 51% of its shares were acquired by the Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) in 2021. The company also relaunched as a destination for content creators to share their newsletters and articles.

Abdulrahman Abu Malih, the visionary founder and CEO of Thmanyah, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s transformative journey, stating, “Over the past very few years we have created a library of premium Arabic content that has no rival online, and we want that growth to prosper together with content creators across the Arab world. Today, we are not just talking about our own transformation, but we are building tools that can fulfill this vision from our experiences and learnings across hosting, marketing, and monetization, so content creators can focus on elevating the quality of their production and sustain it.” 

About Thmanyah: Thmanyah is a leading Saudi media technology company that develops tools enabling individuals to enhance Arabic content on the Internet. Producing more than 20 products, including articles, newsletters, documentaries, and podcasts, Thmanyah aims to document life in Arab societies and transform the culture of journalism. The content spans various topics, from culture and cinema to health, lifestyle, and finance. Recognized as the most widespread podcast network in the Arab world, Thmanyah is also the largest producer of documentary films in Saudi Arabia. Thmanyah recently launched the “Radio Thmanyah” application dedicated to listening to Arabic and international podcast programs, along with the Thmanyah website for publishing articles and newsletters. 


Radio Thmanyah: 

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