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Exclusive Interview with Ali Makki, Co-Founder of Kilimanjaro Energy Group

In an exclusive interview with Ali Makki, the co-founder of Kilimanjaro Energy Group, we take a look at his professional journey and vision for the future of clean energy in the region and around the world. This interview comes as part of Makki’s presence at the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit in El Gouna.

When asked about his start in the clean energy field, Ali Makki said with a smile, ‘I am an energy engineer, and my entry into this field was unexpected for me. Initially, I wasn’t interested in working in the energy sector, but fate led me in this direction.’

Makki spoke about the challenges he faced at the beginning of his project, stating, ‘When I started, I didn’t have the documents to sign financing contracts. But we made a quick decision and signed on a napkin in a restaurant, and that marked the beginning of our journey.’

Regarding his experience in Egypt, Ali Makki expressed admiration for the people and the entrepreneurial environment in the country, saying, ‘The thing that impressed me the most in Egypt is the people. As for Forbes, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences and collaborate with local entrepreneurs, which positively impacted our project.’

Exclusive Interview with Ali Makki, Co-Founder of Kilimanjaro Energy Group

Tips from Ali Makki for the Youth

Regarding the advice he offers to ambitious youth striving for success in the world of entrepreneurship, Makki said, ‘Passion for what you do and the ability to embrace mistakes are the keys to success. You must love your work to withstand challenges and difficulties. Don’t be afraid of mistakes; consider them an opportunity for learning and growth.’

In conclusion, Makki emphasized the importance of collaboration and sharing experiences among entrepreneurs, stressing that such experiences enhance the industry and contribute to building a better future for everyone.

Kilimanjaro Energy remains a symbol of innovation and the shift towards a future built on clean energy. With its visionary leaders at the helm, Makki continues to inspire youth and support a sustainable vision for making positive changes in the field of energy.

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