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Victory Link Launches New Digital Content Production Company “VAS BOX”

Victory Link, a leading provider of integrated technological and digital solutions, has unveiled its latest venture, “VAS BOX.” This new company specializes in digital content production and post-production services, including content management, distribution, and marketing. VAS BOX expertly handles content creation and rights management across various types, including educational and entertainment content.

The new company aims to set strategic and financial goals and a forward-looking vision, implementing its content strategy not only in Egypt and the Middle East but worldwide. VAS BOX leverages the extensive expertise of its parent company, Victory Link, and a team of professionals skilled in digital content production, marketing, and distribution on various platforms using the latest technologies to ensure high quality.

First Project: “The Capsule”

VAS BOX’s debut project, “The Capsule,” features prominent entrepreneur Mohamed Abou El-Naga Negaty. This series of educational and advisory videos targets small business owners and entrepreneurs embarking on new ventures. The content covers critical topics such as crisis management, avoiding administrative and financial mistakes, and exploring other markets like the Middle East to ensure project sustainability and growth. Additionally, the series aims to broaden the horizons of young entrepreneurs by revealing golden investment opportunities in both the Egyptian and global markets.

“The Capsule” will feature a group of leading entrepreneurs and experts in the economic field and will be available for free on digital platforms within days.

Mohamed Abou El-Naga Negaty, who is well-regarded for his extensive experience in managing startups and small businesses, has recently been listed among the top 27 entrepreneurs in Africa, alongside major startup founders across the continent. A graduate of the American University with a degree in electronic engineering, Negaty has held notable roles, including business development advisor at Fawry, regional director at Careem, and co-founder and chief commercial officer at Halan. He will present the initial series of videos, sharing his investment and project management expertise.

Launch Announcement

Commenting on the launch of the new company, Eng. Engy El Sabban, CEO of Victory Link Group and Chairperson of VAS BOX, stated: “The idea of launching this company comes from the rapid and continuous development in the media production industry in the modern era. With technological advancement and changing consumer habits, the media industry must adapt to these new shifts and keep pace with future developments. The increased reliance on digital content continues as traditional media transitions to digital platforms, particularly in video content applications, podcasts, and other digital applications.”

She added that during Ramadan 2024, 41 million Egyptian viewers watched series on online video streaming services, with total viewing hours reaching 14 million hours per day, a 41% increase compared to Ramadan 2023, according to the National Telecom Regulatory Authority report. This indicates the importance of establishing this company to help content creators and production companies excel amidst fierce competition and ongoing rapid developments in this significant field to achieve their goals and reach the right audience.

Prominent entrepreneur Mohamed Abou El-Naga Negaty emphasized that modern technologies significantly impact youth culture, encouraging innovation and initiative by understanding and exploiting available market opportunities to start their projects. This has led to a noticeable increase in the number of startups in Egypt, reaching 1,000 companies in 2024. This growth underscores the increasing need for market expertise and project management among young people. “The Capsule” provides simplified, concise information about the challenges and how to finance and manage startups.

Negaty added that investors in the Middle East are increasingly interested in new ideas from young people and are providing more support through financial funding and administrative services. Over the past seven years, $10 billion has been invested in the startup market, with expectations to triple this amount by 2030. VAS BOX aims to offer all the necessary advice and information through “The Capsule” to help young people exploit all opportunities and keep pace with the job market.

Haytham Saeed, Executive Vice President of Victory Link Group and CEO of VAS BOX, commented: “The idea of ‘The Capsule’ aligns with the state’s strategy to support projects amidst global economic fluctuations that entrepreneurs and business owners face, such as fluctuating dollar prices, global inflation, and a decline in global growth rates from 3.5% to 3%. This means that young people must be aware of the risks and opportunities to adapt to continuous changes. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in Egypt’s economy, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report.”

Therefore, Victory Link and other companies need to support these entrepreneurs to overcome challenges. Despite the difficulties faced in 2023, they managed to maintain Egypt’s 67th global rank in the business environment and the 3rd rank in the Middle East, behind the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This demonstrates the potential and creativity of Egypt’s youth in competing in the global business environment.

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