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Report: Qatar maintains its position among the top 5 countries despite the slow global economy

Qatari Development Bank stated that Qatar has maintained its position among the top 5 countries engaging in the Middle East and North Africa region, despite the global and regional economic slowdown over the past year.

According to a report on startup investments in Qatar for 2023 released by the bank, Qatar’s capital environment exhibited a reserved performance, with total funding reaching 43 million Qatari riyals, representing a 57% decrease from the previous year.

The report also highlighted Qatar’s National Development Strategy 3 (NDS3) as the final phase in achieving Qatar’s National Vision 2030, aiming to support investments and enhance key industries.

One significant initiative launched in 2023 was the Invest Qatar Gateway by the Qatar Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Qatar), along with several other initiatives.

The financial technology sector in Qatar witnessed a 15% decline in investment deal participation in 2023, yet it maintains its position as a dominant force in the investment capital landscape of the country.

The report on startup investments in Qatar for 2023 provides comprehensive strategic analyses of investment capital in the country, including the evolution of startup funding over the past five years, investor distribution by deals, and top deals executed.

This report targets various audiences, including private investors, venture capital funds, startups, and government entities seeking enlightened investment opportunities.

It was created using data from MAGNiTT, a trusted investment capital data platform providing a comprehensive guide to technological innovation trends.

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