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Payer Max expands Fintech in MENA

Marwan Nader, MENA Partnership Director  for the Middle East and Africa region at Payer Max, a company specializing in electronic payment solutions, stated that his company has chosen Saudi Arabia as its headquarters, in addition to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, affirming their commitment to significant expansion in the Middle East and North Africa.

During a special interview with “Entarabi,” the official media sponsor of the Seamless Dubai 2024 exhibition from May 14th to 16th, he mentioned that the company plans to expand its operations to Singapore by the end of the current year’s fourth quarter.

He explained that participating in the Seamless Dubai 2024 exhibition presents a great opportunity to expand partnerships with both corporate and individual clients, enhancing digital payment services and facilitating money transfers through various bank accounts worldwide.

This enables companies to pay their employees’ salaries, transfer funds abroad (Pay Out), pay bills via credit cards, ATMs, mobile applications, e-commerce transactions, and more.

He added that through numerous partners across 50 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South America, including Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and parts of Asia.

They facilitate payment acceptance through cards, digital wallets and other alternative payment methods like BNPL as well as payouts via bank transfers, wallets and cash (in certain countries)

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