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Sawa Group: A Future Vision for the Evolution of Electronic Gaming Services

Salma Mamdouh, a representative of Sawa Group, specializing in providing technical services, stated that her company has 3 divisions of services, including Sawa Games, aimed at promoting the culture of electronic games in general.

The company alters game designs, sound, and translation work to facilitate their dissemination in the Arab world and market them.

She added in an interview with “entArabi,” that there is another department in the company called Sawa Media Plus, specialized in various media marketing activities, whether online, in newspapers, printed materials, television, and services provided to influencers and bloggers for content marketing.

She clarified that the third department of the company is Sawa Investment, specialized in assisting companies wishing to invest in the UAE and facilitating licensing procedures from incorporation to employee recruitment.

She pointed out that her company benefited from its presence during the Seamless Dubai 2024 and exhibition in meeting more clients and promoting their services.

She explained that there is a promising future for electronic gaming services as they are on their way to growth within the region’s markets, which will be an opportunity to increase service delivery rates to customers.

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