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Rawmart: Offering Innovative Solutions for Digitizing Construction and Finishing Materials Sourcing

Rawmart, the largest B2B construction procurement platform, participated in Seamless Dubai 2024. During this event, Rawan Abouelnaga from the company’s marketing team presented a comprehensive overview of Rawmart’s innovative solutions for digitizing the sourcing, management, and payment of construction and finishing materials.

Rawmart is considered a leader in transforming the traditional construction sector into a fully integrated digital model. The platform offers companies the opportunity to discover, order, and pay for all construction and finishing materials in one place. This transformation not only simplifies the purchasing process but also ensures greater transparency and cost and time savings.

Rawan Abouelnaga explained that participating in Seamless Dubai had a significant impact on the company, stating: “We benefited from our presence at Seamless and were able to form partnerships and introduce the company.” This highlights the importance of technology events in building networks and enhancing brand awareness.

Through its participation in Seamless Dubai, Rawmart successfully established numerous strategic partnerships that will help expand its services and strengthen its market presence. One of the main goals was to learn about the latest technologies and trends in the field, which helps the company keep up with ongoing developments in the construction sector.

For the future, Rawmart intends to expand its operations to include more Arab countries. The company aims to offer the same level of innovation and efficiency in new markets, reinforcing its role as a leading platform for construction and finishing procurement in the region.

Rawan Abouelnaga emphasized this ambition by saying: “In the future, we aim to be present in more Arab countries.” This anticipated expansion will enhance Rawmart’s position as a major force in digitizing the construction sector across the Arab world.

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