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Eelis: Seamless 2024 is an opportunity to launch our digital services to MENA

Obaida Rabie, the founder and CEO of Eelis, a startup specializing in document and certificate protection services against forgery and manipulation through a range of digital solutions, anticipates an increase in the company’s target clientele following its participation in the upcoming Seamless Conference 2024 hosted by the Emirate of Dubai from May 14th to 16th.

In an exclusive interview with “entArabi,” the official media sponsor of the Seamless Dubai 2024 exhibition and conference, Rabie stated that her company provides document and certificate issuance services sealed with official stamps from various authorities, ensuring immunity from manipulation and forgery through a dedicated client system capable of issuing over 1000 certificates and documents in seconds.

She elaborated that these measures represent advanced solutions aimed at reducing reliance on paper-based systems, which are notably slower, thereby saving time and effort for clients and promoting the transition to digitalization.

Rabie emphasized the significance of the Seamless Conference as a pivotal event for her company, as it seeks to connect with new companies and clients in the Arab and African regions, leveraging the exhibition’s reputation and leadership. She highlighted Dubai’s status as a hub for investors and business owners in the region, which is of particular interest to Eelis.

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