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Maqsam: Enhancing Smart Communications through Cloud Computing

Maqsam offers innovative services that make it easier for companies to obtain local phone numbers and connect them with their customers in the region. These solutions enable companies to improve customer service from anywhere in the world through their website or app. Maqsam’s system relies on cloud computing, allowing startups, small and medium-sized businesses, remote teams, and modern enterprises to decentralize their customer service.

At Seamless Dubai 2024, Maqsam emerged as one of the promising startups in the field of smart communication solutions. In an interview with “entArabi,” Sinan Taifour, the co-founder and CEO of the company, spoke about their vision, achievements, and future goals.

Taifour pointed out that Maqsam not only offers traditional phone solutions but also includes advanced features based on artificial intelligence. These features help improve communication efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

Maqsam’s participation in Seamless Dubai 2024 aimed to attract potential customers and connect with new investors. The team seeks to showcase their capabilities and network with potential partners to expand their services. By interacting with various companies and investors at the conference, Maqsam aims to enhance its market presence and grow its customer base.

Regarding future plans, Taifour expressed the company’s ambitions to offer additional features based on artificial intelligence, such as text and voice chat. The team is working on developing new technologies that help companies improve their communication with customers in innovative and effective ways.

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