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Growork announces the launch application to support e-commerce next June

Ahmed Saeed, the Chief Marketing Officer of the UAE-based Growork platform, announced the launch of a new application for the platform in the upcoming June.

This application aims to assist companies and individuals in making bids.

In an interview with “Entrabi,” the media sponsor of the Seamless Dubai 2024 Exhibition and Conference, Saeed stated that the new application aims to increase outreach and support customers in the Gulf region.

It is noteworthy that Growork is a platform that connects companies with individuals through bids, where both parties can download the application and benefit from the services it offers to customers.

Growork helps enhance the spread of e-commerce via mobile phones, enabling the conclusion of numerous business deals within minutes.

The platform also assists customers in communicating through a simple fee, which is deducted from the customer’s electronic wallet after completing the transaction and converting sales into revenue.

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