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The General Transport Authority stops 6 applications for violating regulations in Saudi Arabia

The General Authority of Transport has announced the suspension of the operations of two passenger transportation applications and four delivery applications due to their non-compliance with the necessary regulations.

This decision aims to ensure an ideal and safe consumer experience. The Authority emphasized that this action is taken as a result of these applications operating without obtaining the required licenses.

The Authority reiterated its commitment to continue its regulatory efforts to ensure compliance with all necessary regulations by all applications.

This is to provide a safe and efficient transportation environment that guarantees consumer rights in Saudi Arabia. It stressed the importance of dealing with licensed applications to ensure reliable and safe services.

The Authority urged consumers to proactively report any observations or complaints regarding passenger transportation and delivery applications.

It confirmed that reports can be made through the unified number 19929 or through the customer care account on the X platform @tga_care. It reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing the quality of services provided and protecting consumer rights.

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