ITHCA announces its investment in Mubashir Digital Advertising in the Sultanate of Oman

ITHCA Group, a prominent player in investment and technology development, has announced a strategic investment in Mubashir leading digital advertising company based in the Sultanate of Oman.

This move signifies ITHCA Group’s commitment to expanding its investment horizons and supporting promising enterprises within the region.

The investment is poised to elevate Mubashir ‘s standing as a key player in Oman’s digital advertising sphere and beyond.

 With a focus on amplifying expansion strategies, harnessing cutting-edge technology, and refining customer-centric approaches, Mubashir aims to solidify its position as an industry leader.

Distinguished by its array of sophisticated digital advertising solutions, Mubashir leverages data-driven insights and intelligent analytics to effectively engage target audiences and drive client objectives with precision.

Its comprehensive service suite, anchored by a network of strategically positioned digital screens across Oman, enables versatile content delivery that seamlessly blends information and entertainment.

Amir Alawi, Director of Investments at ITHCA Group, underscores the strategic importance of nurturing emerging enterprises in the region.

He emphasizes that the investment aligns with ITHCA Group’s overarching vision to foster innovation and propel technological advancements across various industries.

Raif Al-Harthy, CEO of Mubashir, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership with ITHCA Group, affirming that the investment will fuel the realization of expansion plans and enhance the company’s technological capabilities, thereby elevating the advertising experience for clients.

This investment marks a pivotal strategic maneuver for ITHCA Group, epitomizing its dedication to empowering startups and driving sustainable growth within the burgeoning digital advertising landscape of Oman.

By forging alliances with forward-thinking entities like Mubashir,

ITHCA Group not only expands its investment portfolio but also catalyzes the evolution of the regional technological ecosystem.

In conclusion, ITHCA Group’s strategic investment in Mubashir underscores the immense potential and growth prospects inherent in Oman’s digital advertising domain.

Through this collaboration, both entities are poised to propel innovation, foster economic progress, and shape the future of advertising within the Sultanate and beyond.

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