GITEX Africa events will start on May 29

Morocco will host the GITEX Africa Forum from May 29th to 31st, the largest tech and startup showcase on the continent, aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, with a focus on cybersecurity and financial technology.

The event aims to help them benefit from leading experiences in the field, with the participation of innovation leaders from Africa and Arab countries.

The GITEX Africa Forum features a series of exclusive executive sessions, by invitation only, covering various topics to develop practical solutions at the intersection of regulatory authorities, the private sector, and financial stakeholders.

Discussions enable policymakers to gain valuable industrial insights crucial for implementing regulatory frameworks.

The discussions contribute to benefiting from a diverse range of experiences from regulatory authorities, ranging from experimental trials to live applications and successful strategies.

Industry leaders across different sectors will engage in objective discussions with regulatory authorities, showcasing ideal case studies, addressing challenges, and enhancing collaboration.

GITEX Africa aims to present more presentations to support startups and entrepreneurs in Africa, highlighting key players in technology, trends, and capital sectors, covering smart cities, information security, digital economy, mobility, healthcare, and telecommunications.

The forum promotes leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to provide 3.5 million job opportunities in Africa by 2025, and the rapid growth of mobile phones, with over 615 million phones, up to 85% of smartphones, expected to be registered within the next year.

Artificial intelligence technologies are capable of creating 3.5 million new jobs in Africa by 2025.

The forum highlights several important issues, including the future of global healthcare in Africa and core digital innovations in digital health and planned laboratory access, with investments reaching $11 billion in Africa over the next year.

This is in addition to digital cities providing services more efficiently and accessible, focusing on e-government for 1.4 billion African citizens.

The information security system showcased at the forum is expected to generate $10 billion in revenue by 2030, reflecting the use of technology in Africa and achieving returns approaching half a trillion dollars due to dealing with electronic payment methods.

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