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DiDi Egypt launches innovative services to secure customers and drivers

DiDi Egypt, a global leader in smart transportation, has announced the introduction of several highly effective features in its emergency button within the application, which remains available and visible during the trip, providing a dedicated channel to contact the emergency hotline for police assistance.

The company stated in a report released today that these measures are part of its commitment to the safety of its passengers and drivers.

DiDi Egypt is dedicated to providing a secure environment for its transportation system in Egypt through a range of features and privileges unique to the DiDi application, ensuring the highest standards of safety and security, which are crucial factors for the success of the company’s services in the Egyptian market.

Aligned with its strategy of offering safe and reliable services as a top priority, DiDi Egypt introduces several new and innovative safety features, leveraging advanced technology alongside a customer-centric approach.

The company has made significant investments to enhance safety features within the platform in Egypt and globally, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing user safety and continuous improvement in this aspect.

Real-time passenger location, driver, and vehicle data are displayed by simply pressing the button if the passenger wishes to use it when contacting the police, facilitating the process of requesting assistance in emergencies.

DiDi Egypt boasts an exceptional safety record by diligently following security measures, with over 99.9% of trips completed without reporting any safety-related incidents.

As part of its comprehensive safety and security features, DiDi Egypt offers a unique feature called “Match Opt-out” or “Complete Ban.

” If either a passenger or driver gives a low rating to the other party, the complete ban button becomes available, allowing either party to avoid future trips together, thereby preventing their matching again.

Additionally, the DiDi Egypt application offers another unique feature, which is recording audio during the trip to enhance safety. The company continually emphasizes the importance of manually activating this feature to ensure greater peace of mind during journeys, as it serves as evidence in the event of reporting safety incidents.

Mohamed Helmi, Director of External Affairs at DiDi Egypt, stated, “The company acknowledges that safety standards are a top priority for services provided in the smart transportation sector, a commitment reinforced by DiDi through its strategy aimed at delivering the latest innovative safety and security standards.”

Helmi added, “The unique and comprehensive safety and security features provided by DDDiDi Egypt reflect its commitment to providing a safe and reliable transportation experience for all users, as well as its commitment to innovating and improving safety mechanisms to achieve the highest levels of protection for both passengers and drivers alike.”

The DiDi Egypt application offers a comprehensive set of safety features, totaling 20 safety features aimed at enhancing the entire commuting experience, prioritizing user safety and minimizing risks.

These features include trip sharing with trusted contacts, trip monitoring, driver data review, and facial recognition.

In line with its safety-first philosophy, DiDi Egypt provides in its services, DiDi Flex and Wasalny, personal accident insurance to protect both drivers and passengers throughout the trip.

This additional safety feature ensures that users receive the necessary support and security at every step during their journeys.

Each of these features has been meticulously developed to ensure that users enjoy a reliable and safe journey, instilling confidence and peace of mind.

The company encourages users to experience a unique and distinguished experience with the DiDi Egypt application and its safety features, reaffirming its dedication to providing a safe and comfortable environment for smart transportation services.

DiDi Global Inc provides a wide range of services through digital applications in several markets around the world, including Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and Africa.

These services encompass smart transportation, taxis, delivery, and other forms of shared mobility, as well as some energy and vehicle solutions, food delivery, shipping services, and financial services within cities.

DiDi provides car owners, drivers, and delivery partners with job opportunities and income based on flexible working hours.

It is committed to collaborating with policymakers and relevant authorities in taxi services and automotive industries to address transportation, environmental, and employment challenges globally by using artificial intelligence technology and innovating smart local transportation means.

DiDi strives to create better life experiences and greater social value by building a comprehensive transportation system and safe, sustainable local services for the cities of the future.

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