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Toyota Ventures Unveils $300 Million Expansion in Startup Investments

Toyota Ventures, the early-stage venture capital arm of Toyota, has announced the establishment of two new funds totaling $300 million to bolster its investments in startups pioneering disruptive technologies and innovative business models. The infusion of these funds, namely Toyota Ventures Frontier Fund II (TVFF II) and Toyota Ventures Climate Fund II (TVCF II), elevates the firm’s total assets under management to over $800 million.

Since its inception in July 2017, Toyota Ventures has diligently pursued its mission of propelling Toyota towards future breakthroughs by investing in more than 75 startups across diverse sectors, encompassing artificial intelligence, robotics, hydrogen solutions, and renewable energy. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the firm boasts a global footprint with portfolio companies spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. With the advent of these new funds, Toyota Ventures is poised to extend its support to entrepreneurs worldwide as they confront formidable challenges to forge a more sustainable future for both society and the planet.

Jim Adler, founder and general partner of Toyota Ventures, remarked, “At Toyota Ventures, we are explorers. Our mandate is to discern technological trends that can propel Toyota’s mobility evolution in the immediate future while embracing the next wave of disruptive innovation in the long term.” Adler further emphasized the firm’s commitment to amplifying its investment efforts amidst a landscape where some investors are retreating, signaling a strategic doubling down on the initial Frontier and Climate Funds. He underscored the critical juncture in which seismic advancements in generative AI, e-fuels, space commercialization, carbon capture, and synthetic biology are occurring, stressing the imperative of strategic investment for Toyota.

TVFF II will concentrate on startups spearheading deep technology innovations in domains such as AI, robotics, mobility, cloud computing, and quantum computing, to bolster Toyota Ventures’ global footprint. David Sokolic, a seasoned investor and operational executive, is spearheading the new fund. The inaugural Frontier Fund has already incubated promising ventures like Starfish Space, Scentian Bio, and Haiqu.

On the other hand, TVCF II will actively seek out startups pioneering intelligent, scalable solutions to combat climate change and foster environmental sustainability. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the inaugural climate-focused fund launched in 2021, TVCF II aims to expand its portfolio under the stewardship of Climate Fund partner Lisa Coca. The inaugural Climate Fund has already nurtured a cohort of 18 companies, including Avalanche Energy, e-Zinc, AM Batteries, Air Company, Living Carbon, and Ecolectro, all aligned with Toyota’s carbon neutrality objectives.

Gill Pratt, Chief Scientist of Toyota Motor Corporation, CEO of TRI, and board member at Toyota Ventures stressed the collaborative imperative in innovation, particularly in a rapidly evolving global landscape. He lauded the establishment of the new funds as a testament to Toyota’s unwavering commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and driving impactful solutions to address pressing challenges. Pratt expressed enthusiasm for continuing the collaborative journey alongside the Toyota Ventures team and its portfolio companies.

Beyond capital infusion, Toyota Ventures is dedicated to leveraging Toyota’s expansive global network, profound technical expertise, and strategic partnerships to empower startups in its portfolio. Equipped with a dedicated portfolio support team, the firm offers guidance in product and business development, fundraising, marketing, and other crucial areas to facilitate the effective scaling of its portfolio companies. Notable early portfolio companies, such as Joby Aviation and May Mobility, continue to collaborate closely with Toyota, exemplifying the enduring partnerships fostered by Toyota Ventures.

Entrepreneurs seeking early-stage funding are encouraged to explore opportunities and submit their proposals through the Toyota Ventures website.

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