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Dhofar Islamic Launches New Business Banking Account for SMEs in Oman

Supporting Growth and Innovation for SMEs in Oman with Dhofar Islamic's New Business Banking Account

Muscat: Dhofar Islamic, operating under BankDhofar, is excited to introduce its new SME Business Banking account, aligned with the objectives of Oman Vision 2040. This account is designed to cater to the unique banking needs of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector. It encompasses a suite of banking solutions that are tailored to assist in the daily operations and growth of businesses.

The account’s primary features include an easy Account Opening Process; allowing businesses to effortlessly initiate their banking relationship through a straightforward documentation and account opening procedure. Entrepreneurs are welcome to visit any Dhofar Islamic branch throughout Oman. Sharia Compliant Offerings; providing a comprehensive array of products and services that adhere to Sharia principles, catering to the varied requirements of customers. Support for POS Systems; enabling businesses to utilize point-of-sale systems, facilitating better management of cash receivables, and boosting sales. Wage Protection System (WPS) Solution; is a distinctive offering from Dhofar Islamic that streamlines the salary disbursement process, offering an effective payroll management solution. It enables online salary processing through file uploads or in-branch service with a bar-coded document. Custom Debit Cards; tailored for the specific needs of SMEs. Remote Cheque Capture and Deposit (RCCD) Service; designed to allow businesses to process cheques remotely, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. Local and International Money Transfers; are available through Dhofar Islamic’s branch network for both local and international transactions. Online Payment Gateway; providing SMEs the capability to accept online payments through the integration of Dhofar Islamic’s Payment Gateway on their websites.

Additionally, Dhofar Islamic presents an array of investment solutions, including various deposits and financial instruments, aimed at aiding businesses in capitalizing on their excess funds. With a specialized team dedicated to the SME sector, Dhofar Islamic is committed to supporting the corporate and SME landscape, continuously investing in technology to foster economic progress in Oman as envisioned in Oman’s 2040 Vision.

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