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Spacetoon And Almarai’s Collaboration On “Cake Bar and Heroes” Achieves Remarkable Success in The Realm Of 3D Animation

Cake Bar and Heroes" has generated more than 6 million views on YouTube since its debut!

Dubai, UAE, 4th of April 2024: Spacetoon and Almarai’s groundbreaking collaboration, “Cake Bar and Heroes,” has captivated over 6 million viewers on YouTube, garnering widespread acclaim from a diverse audience. This pioneering project marks the inception of the first-ever 3D animated series jointly produced by Spacetoon, Almarai, and Spark Foundry (KSA), the media agency for Almarai for the past 20 years, with a focus on showcasing Almarai’s esteemed 7DAYS Cake Bar product.

The production of “Cake Bar and Heroes” entailed extensive hours dedicated to crafting narratives that resonate with the Arabic cultural heritage, accentuated by the dubbing process at the renowned Spacetoon studios. In order to ensure a visually captivating experience, precise technical methodologies were employed to refine the visual aesthetics in response to the aesthetic preferences of Arab children.

The series unfolds across ten episodes, chronicling the daily adventures of siblings Badr, Bodoor, and Badran as they navigate challenges with the aid of Cake Bar energy. This energy source not only fuels their endeavors but also serves as the key to unlocking a realm of joy and excitement. Each consumption of the Cake Bar propels them towards success, echoing their empowering motto, “More Energy, More Victory.”

Broadcasted across a multitude of platforms including Spacetoon TV, its YouTube channel, Spacetoon Go app, and Almarai’s YouTube channel, “Cake Bar and the Heroes” caters to children aged 4 to 12, comprising bite-sized episodes of approximately two and a half minutes each.

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About Spacetoon:

The first children’s TV channel in the Arab world, reaching over 200 million viewers in 22 countries. It has quickly become one of the most trusted children’s channels among parents since its founding in 2000 as part of the GNAM Media Group.

Through decades of serious and purposeful work, it presented and produced a wide range of works that are still present in the minds of young and old Arabs.

About Almarai:

Almarai is the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world and the largest for the production and distribution of food and beverages in the Middle East. It owns many brands, including Almarai, ALYOUM, L’usine, 7DAYS and Seama, and leads their products in all GCC markets.”

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