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Careem Launches Careem Food and Careem Pay Services in Abu Dhabi to Enhance Its Service Portfolio

In a notable and exciting development, “Careem”, the leading platform for multi-services via applications in the Middle East, announced a significant step towards expanding its offerings in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Famous for providing innovative transportation solutions, the company has now launched “Careem Food” for food delivery and “Careem Pay” for financial services, thereby reinforcing its position as a leading provider of comprehensive services in the region.

Residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi can now benefit from the “Careem Food” platform, offering a wide variety of dining options. This includes popular Arab restaurants such as Alo Beirut and Beit Al Khetyar, as well as international choices like PF Chang’s, Gazebo, and Pizza Di Roca. The service also features cafes like %Arabica, along with a selection of fast food and local eateries, with promotional offers reaching up to 50% off on breakfast and suhoor orders. “Careem Food” is currently available in selected areas of Abu Dhabi but plans to expand to cover the entire city by the end of 2024.

To ensure quality and efficiency, “Careem” is keen on improving the estimated delivery time by selecting the most suitable captains based on their geographical location relative to the restaurants and delivery points. This is in addition to continuous collaboration with restaurants to ensure orders are delivered on time. Statistics show that 95% of “Careem Food” orders were delivered on time over the past two years.

Furthermore, “Careem Pay” has expanded its financial services within Abu Dhabi, providing customers access to more than 12 payment services via the platform. These services include paying water and electricity bills, home internet bills for both Du and Etisalat, and the ability to recharge Salik toll accounts, and pay bills for Sergas and Techem companies. The platform also plans to offer instant international money transfers to countries like India and Pakistan and is working to expand its reach to the UK, Egypt, and the Philippines, with the addition of bus and tram card recharge services in the coming weeks.

Mudassir Sheikha, CEO and co-founder of “Careem”, expressed his enthusiasm for expanding the company’s services in Abu Dhabi, stating that this expansion would facilitate food ordering processes, financial transfers, and bill payments for residents and visitors. “Careem Food” has now become one of the main platforms for food delivery in the region, with a network that includes more than 15,000 restaurants. “Careem Pay” enables users to manage financial transactions easily and smoothly, through diverse services including international and local money transfers, and bill payments, providing a comprehensive and convenient financial experience for users.

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