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Indriver Launches Circles of Goodness Campaign in Collaboration with Egyptian Food Bank to Feed 250,000 People

Indriver, the global urban services and mobility platform, in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank and under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, has launched a donation campaign under the slogan “Circles of Goodness” with the aim of social responsibility by providing food boxes to 250,000 individuals in 12 governorates during the holy month of Ramadan.

Indriver is partnering with the Egyptian Food Bank to provide 35,000 food boxes from trip proceeds, with each trip categorized as a “Circle of Goodness.

” Indriver aims to reach a total of 120 million circles of goodness during Ramadan to assist needy families amid the current economic conditions.

Each food box contains essential food items such as sugar, rice, pasta, beans, flour, lentils, dates, oil, sauce, tea, cheese, and salt, covering the needs for both iftar and suhoor meals during Ramadan.

Mina Emad, Marketing Director in the Middle East at Indriver, stated: “We aim to provide community services in the markets where we operate.

While Egypt is an influential and effective market for our company, we believe that charitable initiatives are one of our most important goals in the Egyptian market to meet the needs of the community not only through providing smart transportation and delivery services but also by assisting needy families to spend Ramadan in the best living conditions.”

During the press conference, Mina added, “We encourage all our users to increase their trips during Ramadan to be part of the Circles of Goodness initiative.

The more the circles expand, the more they contribute to providing more food items and achieving the initiative’s goals.

Indriver will continue its efforts in collaboration with important charitable institutions like the Egyptian Food Bank to assist Egyptians, whether in smart transportation or community services.”

Mohsen Serrhan, CEO of the Egyptian Food Bank, expressed his happiness with the collaboration with Indriver, considering it an expansion of the successful partnership circle for the Egyptian Food Bank, which helps increase the number of eligible families benefiting from various food programs.

He pointed out that relying on the Indriver platform ensures reaching more beneficiaries across Egypt to ensure

food security for all and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in those homes that need support and care. Especially since the Egyptian Food Bank’s strategy during the holy month aims to cover the largest number of beneficiaries through various programs adopted by the bank.

For the Egyptian Food Bank, Ramadan is one of the most important and busiest periods of the year due to the multiple activities and events to contribute to reaching a large number of deserving individuals.

As a specialized institution in feeding, it strives to achieve public benefit and leadership in providing necessary food for the deserving and implementing its strategy based on the principle of “food is the basis of life,” and its keenness to form more partnerships to reach all deserving individuals across the republic.

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