Exclusive Interview from LEAP 24 with the Co-Founder of “Nuzul” Platform

In an exclusive interview with “entARABI” during the LEAP 24 conference, we conducted a conversation with Mrs. Razwa Alharthi, the co-founder of the Nuzul platform, to explore this innovative platform that is revolutionizing the world of digital real estate.

Nuzul: Integrated Digital Solutions for the Real Estate Sector

Mrs. Alharthi explained that Nuzul is a B2B platform aimed at serving the real estate sector by providing integrated digital solutions that meet the needs of real estate offices and professionals in this field. The platform stands out for its ability to create websites for real estate offices and professionals in less than 30 seconds, enabling them to showcase their properties and manage their teams with ease and efficiency.

Multiple Services to Support Real Estate Offices

Nuzul’s services are not limited to creating websites only; the platform also offers a range of other services to support real estate offices, such as:

  • Property Management System: This system allows real estate offices to easily manage their properties by tracking available and rented properties, managing lease contracts, and more.
  • Team Management System: Through this system, real estate offices can effectively manage their teams by assigning tasks and tracking team performance.
  • Digital Campaigns: Nuzul helps real estate offices launch effective digital campaigns to promote their properties on various social media platforms, leveraging a wide audience base of over 10 million followers on Twitter, TikTok, and others.
  • Electronic Invoice Payment System: This system will be launched in the coming weeks, enabling real estate offices to receive their payments electronically with ease and speed.

Successful Participation in LEAP 24

Mrs. Alharthi emphasized that Nuzul’s participation in the LEAP 24 conference was highly successful, especially on the foreign investment side, where many investors showed great interest in the platform and its services. She noted that Nuzul will soon announce important news related to its expansion into new markets.

Nuzul currently offers its services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and plans to expand to Bahrain and Dubai by the end of this year.

Nuzul allows users to choose the right real estate broker through its platform, helping them find the best properties at the best prices.

Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Nuzul offers affordable monthly subscriptions starting from 199 Saudi riyals per month, making it accessible to all real estate offices and professionals in this field.

The Nuzul platform is a real revolution in the world of digital real estate, offering a range of integrated services that help real estate offices and professionals in this field manage their businesses effectively and increase their sales.

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